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TabMeister is a great little desktop utility that helps you quickly get to applications, files, and folders without having to always search for them on your hard drive. The Dock in Mac OS X is a great place to put a few of your basic things that you use often, but the Dock is just too small to fit all the stuff you'd like to have easy access to, and there's not much organization to the Dock.

So, what TabMeister does is allow you to add Tabs to your desktop that act like pop-up folders containing icons of all of the things you want to have access to. For example, you can create a Tab named "Graphics", and in that Tab you can store links to all of your graphics applications that you use. Normally, you'll just see a small Tab at the edge of the screen, but when you roll the mouse over it, it automatically pops up:

You can also put tabs on the sides of the screen:

One of the cool features of TabMeister is that when the cursor moves over an icon in a Tab, that icon along with the name of the file is displayed large in the middle of the screen:

The TabMeister instruction manual is also available online.


In version 2.0 of TabMeister there is now a special "Bling" Tab that contains some fun little extras to add a little pizzaz to your desktop. Click here for more information about the Bling.

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