Panoramic Photography Services in the Austin, TX Area


PangeaVR is a free viewer for the iPhone that uses OpenGL to display full-screen panoramas with incredibly high performance. PanoPreviewer is a Photoshop plug-in for previewing panoramas while editing them. Bracketeer is a utility for doing HDR compositing with exposure bracketing.

The Astro Filter Pack is a set of software video processing filters designed specifically for video astronomy. Amateur astronomers with with video cameras hooked up to their telescopes can use these free filters to greatly enhance the results of their efforts

Panorama Photography Services

Since 1987 Pangea Software has been known for its video games, but we now offer a totally new service: High Definition VR panoramic photography. VR panoramas have been available for many years, but only recently has the technology improved to the point where you can now easily present super-hi-resolution, full-screen panoramas on your web site. What is a VR panorama? It's a 360º photograph that you can interact with like the one below:

This is a medium-resolution panorama. Click and drag to spin it around.

Click here to see the hi-rez version

We can create this kind of content for your web site. There are no licensing fees or special technologies that you need to buy. Any ordinary web page can easily display this kind of content with only a few minutes of work. If you need help getting VR content placed on your site, ask us about it.

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