Billy Frontier

Our cowboys in space game, Billy Frontier


Our first Mac shareware title where you splat a lot of bugz all over the screen! The shareware is $5 to the American Cancer Society (or any charity you'd like).


Our Enfusing photo processing app.

Bugdom (Full game & Demo)

The shareware version of our epic game, Bugdom.

Bugdom (Updates)

Get the latest version of Bugdom.

Bugdom 2

The sequel to Bugdom, this game is one of our best.

Cro-Mag Rally

A 3D racing game with a stone age theme.


A 3D puzzle game in which you can make your own levels.

Enigmo Game Files

More free Game Files to play with Enigmo.

Enigmo 2

A 3D puzzle game based on Enigmo,.

Enigmo 2 Game Files

More free Game Files to play with Enigmo 2.

Mighty Mike

This is the shareware re-released version of our old game Power Pete. It's still just as fun as it was when it was first released!

Nanosaur & Nanosaur Updates

Our most popular shareware game

Nanosaur 2: Hatchling

The awesome sequel to Nanosaur.

Otto Matic

Action adventure with a 1950's Sci-Fi theme

Pangea Payroll

A free payroll tax calculating program including source code.

Pangea's Ultimate Game Programming Guide

Our game programming guide with sample code - now a free download!


A pop-up folder / tab utility