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PangeaVR for iPhone

For Apple iPhone and iPod Touch
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PangeaVR is an iPhone application that you can download on the App Store for free, and it is used for viewing interactive 360º VR panoramas. You use the touch interface on the iPhone to pan around the panorama, and to zoom in and out.

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We maintain a list of public panorama "portfolios" that PangeaVR grabs every time you launch it. This allows you to view panoramas from many photographers' sites very easily. PangeaVR also allows you to enter the URL of your own portfolios or JPEG files, and you can store your own portfolios as bookmarks inside of PangeaVR.

You can also manually load panorama images that are not in the PangeaVR database. PangeaVR has a mode that allows you to enter the URL of your own Portfolio file, or a specific JPEG panorama file:

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