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PangeaVR for iPhone

For Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

PangeaVR is a portable viewer for VR Panoramas. You can interactively spin around 360º images using the iPhone & iPad touch interface!

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There are 3 different PangeaVR apps to choose from:

PangeaVR (free): the free version for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

PangeaVR Pro: the paid version for the iPhone & iPod Touch with extra features.

PangeaVR HD for iPad: the super-enhanced version for the iPad

Get added to the PangeaVR Portfolios Database:

When you run PangeaVR you will see the huge list of panorama portoflios from photographers around the world. If you would like to be added to this database then click here for more information.

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