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PangeaVR: Submitting Your Portfolio


Portfolios are XML files that are easy to create in any text editor. The full instructions on creating your XML portfolio file is here.

NOTE: Now that PangeaVR HD displays thumbnails in the list of panoramas, we are now requiring that any new portfolios submitted have thumbnails. If you send us a portfolio without thumbnail images we will not include it in the database.


You should test your portfolio XML file before submitting it to us! There are 2 easy ways to do it:

  • Try it out in PangeaVR via the Enter URL dialog.
  • Enter the link into any web browser and see if it gives you any errors. Good browsers like Safari will actually tell you what line of your XML contains any errors if there are problems with it.


After verifying that your portfolio's XML file works, all you need to do is send us an email with the following information:

1. The name of your Portfolio as you want it to appear in the database list. Long names will be truncated on the iPhone version of PangeaVR. On the iPad the full name will appear.

2. The full URL of your XML file (as in http://www.yoursite/yourportfolio.xml)

3. URL to your homepage if you want the "On the Web" button in PangeaVR to take the user to your site. This is not required.

4. A description of your portfolio. This can say whatever you want. You can talk about yourself or your panoramas, or whatever is relavant to it. Some things to consider including in the description: summary of what is in the portfolio, photographer's name, copyright info, email or web address, your services, location, etc. Keep this as short and concises as possible as people don't want to read your life's story.

After submitting a portfolio to us you are still free to make any edits your XML file that you want. We don't need to be notified. The only time you will need to contact us is if you need us to change the URL to your XML file or if you need to change any of the other items listed above.

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