For Apple iPhone and iPod Touch


Billy Frontier is a space cowboy who's mission is to rid the galaxy of alien outlaws. This is the most diverse 3D game you'll find for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch - it is a combination of adventure game and arcade game with a whole lot of blood spewing action in-between! You'll test your reflexes in Duels, see if you can outrun a stampeding herd of Kanga-Cows (half kangaroo, half cow), hunt down alien bandits in gun battles, and blast catapulted critters out of the sky in the Shooting Gallery! Billy Frontier is really four games in one: Dueling, Shootout, Stampede, and Target Practice. The graphics and audio are the best there is for an iPhone game, and if you like spaghetti westerns then you'll love Billy Frontier because it is a spaghetti space western with all the fixins!

Those of you who are familiar with the original Mac version of Billy Frontier will be happy to know that we've actually changed the gameplay for the iPhone version and added some new features to the game, making the iPhone version the best version yet!

See a demo of the game, and learn about how the game was created and where the ideas for it came come from.

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