Pangea Software's Ultimate Game Programming Guide for Mac OS X


If you've ever thought about becoming a video game developer then this book is for you! This intermediate-level programming book contains all the tricks of the trade that you need to know to build a game engine for Mac OS X.

You'll learn about all of the nuances dealing with the various Mac OS technologies such as the HID Manager, OpenGL, OpenAL, Core Graphics, Rendezvous, Quicktime, and more! You'll also learn how to write a plug-in for Maya, do stereo 3D rendering, networking, AltiVec optimizations, and even how to copy-protect your games. For developers interested in self-publishing their games, there is an entire chapter dedicated to marketing and sales strategies.

Never before has so much critical Mac game programming information been available in a single book! But don't take our word for it; here are some quotes from well-known Mac folks:

Ultimate Game Programming Book

"This is the must-have book for any aspiring Mac game programmer!"

- Tuncer Deniz, Inside Mac Games

"Brian shares knowledge gained through years of programming on Mac OS X, and reveals coding secrets used to produce numerous hit titles for the platform. I think even experienced programmers will learn from this book."

- Lane Roathe, Ideas from the Deep

"Brian Greenstone's writing is clear and concise, and his code examples are superb. If you want to learn from the Master, then this is the book for you."

- Phil Sulak, Westlake Interactive

The included CD contains Xcode sample projects for everything discussed in the book: a fully functional Maya file exporter, networking code, Vertex Array Range acceleration, threading, and a whole lot more! All the sample projects are written in C.

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