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Bracketeer Examples

Interior Shot with 3 Exposures:

This scene was impossible to capture with just one shot because of the dark shadows and bright lights and windows. So, 3 bracketed exposures at 0EVe, -2EV, and +2EV:

Enfusing these three shots with Bracketeer's default settings yields this:

The shadows are now well lit yet the bright spots like the window still contain detail.

Exterior Shot with 3 Exposures:

In this scene there were dark shadowy areas and bright sky areas, but enfusing yielded an incredible result where the image almost looks like an oil painting. These are 3 bracketed exposures at -2EV, 0EV, and +2EV:

Enfusing these three shots with Bracketeer's default settings yielded this:

Exterior Shot with 1 Exposure "Faux-Bracketed" to 3 Exposures:

It is often possible to fake exposure bracketing with just a single RAW file. In this case I only had 1 shot of the pool, but when I loaded it into Photoshop's Camera RAW I manually saved out a -2EV version, the original 0EV version, and a +2EV version (the original shot is in the middle):

Attempting this technique with traditional HDR often results in poor quality images because faking the exposures yields some funky pixel values, however, the enfuse algorithm is much more tolerant of these funky pixels, and the results are almost always perfect:

Another Faux-Bracketed Example:

In this case I faux-bracketed the original shot to 5 different exposures (-2EV, -1EV, 0EV, +1EV, and +2EV). This is the original shot at 0EV:

And here is the result after enfusing the 5 faux shots with Bracketeer:

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