Below are before & after screenshots showing how effective our Astro Filters can be. On the left is the raw video coming from a Mallincam camera, and on the right is the filtered video. NOTE: this is LIVE, not post-processed. The Asto Filter Pack filters the live video stream in real-time!

These images were taken with the following equipment:

  • Celestron CPC 1100
  • Mallincam VSS w/ MFR-5 focal reducer
  • Canopus ADVC-55 DV converter
  • MacBook Pro

If you use the Astro Filter Pack and have some exceptional images that you'd like us to post here, then please email them to us.

Video direct from the camera

Live filtering with the Astro Filter Pack

The Ring Nebula on a FULL MOON night. Very washed out.
The Astro Filters have no problem blackening space & enhancing the Ring!

Bode's Nebula on a FULL MOON night.
The LIVE image processed with the Astro Filter Pack!

Triffid Nebula looks pretty good to start with!
But it looks absolutly amazing after filtering!

The Swan also looks amazing right out of the Mallincam
The Astro Filters make it even better!

Dumbbell Nebula almost invisible against a full moon sky.
The Astro Filter Pack works its magic!

Dumbell on a darker night with no moon
Even better!

A dim exposure of the Eagle Nebula

Another nice shot from the Mallincam: Lagoon Nebula
Made even nicer!

Iris Nebula
Darker space with better detail & contrast

This 3.3 sec. integration of the Black Eye Galaxy is barely visible.
The exact same image processed live through the Astro Filter Pack!

Another dim 3.3 second integration - this of the Sombrero Galaxy
The detail is revealed!

A small, dim galaxy
Darker space, no amp glow, and brighter galaxy

The Crescent Nebula is there somewhere.
Ah! There it is!

The Veil Nebula
Amazing detail!

Even easy objects like globular clusters can use some help.
Space is black and more stars are visible!

The Bubble Nebula is always hard to image
The Bubble is revealed!

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